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Buy Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p

Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p


Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p By Roku, Inc.
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  • High-definition streaming up to 1080p HD
  • Works with virtually any TV
  • 300+ channels with films, TV displays, song, sports activities & more
  • Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n) and wired Internet connectivity
  • Enhanced far flung with motion control for enjoying recreations

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Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p Description

High-definition streaming up to 1080p HD.Works with virtually any TV.300+ channels with movies, TV presentations, track, sports activities & more.Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n) and wired Internet connectivity.Enhanced remote with motion keep a watch on for enjoying games...

Costumer Reviews

three.7 Out Of 5 Stars (273 Customer Reviews)  
Reviews for Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p (Electronics) I've been the use of Roku 2 XS for just a few days now and I must say I like the tool, but there are various hiccups. So first the excellent stuff.

* The Box is tiny and the setup is a breeze. I used to be up and streaming in under 5 minutes.
* Netflix, Huluplus, Amazon and Pandora worked superb
* Streaming in 1080p worked tremendous without buffering (I use Xfinity) and the quality is superb
* The Ethernet possibility (available only in XS) may be very helpful and the Quality of streaming is a long way better than wi-fi

and the now not so just right stuff:
* The Box does not have enough memory and wishes an exterior micro-SD card for more capacity
* The device re-booted a few times for me when switching between channels. I was initially very upset with this as the reboot process takes about 3-4 minutes. I known as make stronger and so they requested me to uninstall Angry Birds as it takes up huge amount of house. Did that and then on no re-boots. This sucks as Roku 2 promotes Angry Birds big time and the faraway is designed for that, however the instrument shouldn't be in a position with out further reminiscence
* It is non-sense that I purchase the high finish XS version for Ethernet and HD beef up and I still have to buy HDMI cable and Ethernet cable separately!
* I primaryly sold Roku for streaming International Channels and to my horror I found that most of the channels do not work in Roku 2!! Apparently Roku 2's video structure is different to that of Roku 1.
Reviews for Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p (Electronics) This little participant, about the dimension of a hockey puck, is exactly what I was once in search of. It's low cost, easy, and enjoyable. I obtained it to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Vimeo, and the complete thing else it does is a nice add-on, particularly motion-controlled Angry Birds. If you might be out there for a Roku 2, I think it's you'll be in a position to you'll as well get this high-end model (there are stripped-down versions for much less money) because it has a couple of more capabilities, including a game controller, an ethernet jack, and a USB port for taking phase in external recordsdata. The software interface just isn't slick but the entire lot fast and responsive.

I've docked one megastar from my review as a end result of my unit has crashed/rebooted a couple of times, presumably because of the Facebook photo monitorsaver I've installed on it. I hope that issue will be mounted with a software update. Waiting for the desktop to restart takes a couple of minutes. Also, there are a couple of features I'd like to peer (mostly factors the Apple TV can do, see below), but for what this factor is, it does its job reasonably well.

How is the Roku 2 completely different from the Apple TV (which it resembles, and I additionally considered)? It's bodily similar and has some overlapping features, however listed here are the primary variations as I see them:

BOTH have Netflix Streaming and sports channels one of theses NBA and MLB (subscription required for this stuff). Both have wired and wireless network capabilities. Both are tiny, power-sipping, unobtrusive little instruments that would probably be embedded in TV hardware.
Reviews for Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p (Electronics) With an upgraded course ofor and design, it incorporates lots of the comparable incorporates as the original player in a smaller size; the principle modifications is the Wii like faraway and Angry Birds being included together with a small collection of video sports which you may buy from their video sports retailer.

My major peeve is the related as the first player; the device by no means powers off. This messes with my auto switcher and I must unplug the Roku when I'm not the utilization of it and wish to watch something else or play video sports. Roku's whole purpose with that is in order that the unit will all the time be ready to obtain updates. Even with them pronouncing that it devours little energy while idle, I would quite have the strategy to energy off.

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